‘DTS Sound’ — Android App

DTS licenses multiple audio enhancement technologies to Android device manufacturers so that consumers can enjoy high quality immersive audio experiences over headphones and with the built-in speakers. To help simplify the technology integration effort, DTS creates “reference” apps for users to change advanced DTS audio settings – which manufacturers are free to integrate as-is or to modify as they see fit.

This immersive design direction followed in the footsteps of its sister app on the PC, the ‘DTS Audio’ Windows Desktop App that had been completed a few months prior.

Role: UI Designer

Conceptualized and designed GUI. Produced graphic assets for development team.

Design Exploration

1.  An emphasis on Content Mode selection with a fun live audio output visual cue

2.  A large power button for easy on/off toggling in the style of our DTS:X professional tools

3.  An “easy-to-implement” basic audio settings design

Main Screen(s)

The app offers an immersive visual experience, with the background image changing depending on the user-selected Content Mode.

Graphic Equalizer Screen

This app featured a basic 5-band graphic equalizer where a user could enjoy different EQ settings for headphones and built-in speakers.

About Screen

This standardized About Screen features marketing copy and outbound company website and social links.

DTS Off Screen

The user is free to turn off all DTS enhancements on the device. Rather than just showing the UI controls in a disabled state,  a message is revealed explaining the benefits of the technology.